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May 25, 2023    w/POP UP BAND    Drums 'n Flats
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
May 27, 2023    w/MATERIAL MEN    Private Event
 Bobcaygeon, Ontario (Muskokas) Canada
June 2, 2023    w/ROBIN HEAMERMEHLE DUO    City Hall
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada      12 pm
June 2, 2023   w/POP UP BAND   Poetry Jazz Cafe
Toronto, Ont. Canada
June 3, 2023    w/MISSOURI BOGGS COALITION     Ouroboros
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada         9:30 pm
June 10, 2023   w/MISSOURI BOGGS COALITION     Southside Johnny's
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada        9 pm
June 16, 2023     w/Southern Rock Duo      The Aging Oak
Hespeler, Ontario, Canada
June 17, 2023        w/MISSOURI BOGGS COALITION     Spices on Sydenham
Brantford, Ontario, Canada          3-7 pm
June 23, 2023      w/MISSOURI BOGGS COALITION      Mustang Sally's
London, Ontario, Canada
June 24, 2023      w/MISSOURI BOGGS COALITION     Private Event
Montrose, Ontario, Canada
June 20, 2023       w/MATERIAL MEN      Timothy's      
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada         9 pm
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